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No school

Yeah that’s right. I’m not gonna bother with going to school anymore this week. I can afford to miss a couple of days. I’ve always had good grades without having to put any real effort into doing homework and such anyway. I just need some time at home to further think about the mistakes that I made. Perhaps him wanting to take a break was a good thing. This way I can try to fix some of my flaws before I get a chance to see or speak with him again. Or basically, just stop being lazy and pay more attention to others. Which is exactly what I’m gonna do now. I’ve noticed that there’s something off about Kalli to. She’s obviously staying back in the house with me but I hardly see her. And when I do, she doesn’t say a single thing. She doesn’t even bark at me or anything. Just….nothing. It’s weird. I know that something’s wrong and I need to take care of her. She won’t like it but that’s not gonna stop me. This is gonna be tiresome but whatever. No more being lazy right?


Do you hate Marshall?
Anonymous ASKED

No I don’t. I don’t hate anyone. Except for that whore. It’s way to tiring to go around hating monsters all the time. I’m not gonna bother with doing that. What happened was my fault anyway so…

Did you tell him?
Anonymous ASKED

Tell him what? How I feel about him? If that’s what you mean then, no I didn’t. And yes I regret it because I’m afraid it’s a bit to late for that now.

So you did love him?
Anonymous ASKED

Yeah of course I did. I still do…I just…he wanted to take a break so I gotta respect his wishes and leave him alone I guess.

I'm glad your owning up that you had a hand in this. Even your return to town was complete insensitive to your boyfriend. Expecting him to be at home waiting for you with a clean house, food, and ready to fuck? You don't want a boyfriend, you want a slave. But hey what can we expect from a guy with a whore for a mother?
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I know I should’ve called him when I got home, but when I’m tired, all I pretty much think about is sleeping. I thought he might have been at my house because I’ve gotten used to him being there I guess. And why I expected the house to be clean was because I specifically told Kalli multiple times to clean up the mess she makes. She’s an annoyingly messy eater and I’m tired of cleaning up after her all the time.

And yes. My mother is a whore. I don’t mind anyone calling her that. It’s what she is and I hate her for it. This however doesn’t mean that I’m looking for a slave or a sex toy. I find sex to be quite tiresome actually. I’m not a manster who likes to do things that require a lot of energy. Though it can be worth it with the right person. I valued the times where we just relaxed together much more. Or when I learned him how to play those slasher video games. Or when he took me to the Maul to go shopping. Or…yeah…I should just stop because thinking about everything is just….not good. Reminds me of all my mistakes and the things I never said or showed.

plz break up w/ him!!! u deserve better than a guy that kisses other dudes the moment ur out of town! dump him!!
Anonymous ASKED

I’m more to blame for what happened then he is. I pretty much took him for granted and didn’t put enough effort into our relationship. Didn’t even bother to tell him what he really means to me. I’ve never been good at those type of things. Mostly because I’m the kind of manster who doesn’t expect those things from others. I never really wanted to bother caring about who I was with. But he was different then the others. I regret not showing him that.

So no. What happened here is entirely my fault.

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